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See photos! Grounded Design Bootcamp

What happens when you bring 8 frontline workers, 6 policymakers, and 2 managers together in a room for 2 days to explore values and prototype practices? You get homemade ice-cream in a bag, excavating for diamonds in the rough, role play, and deep dialogue about why we do what we do. Over the summer, we’ll coach 5 teams to iterate ways to close different values-practice gaps.


Got values? Come explore this summer!

We have a few spots left. If you are a frontline staff, a manager or coordinator working in the social service sector and are interested in developing values based practice then get in touch.

We’re ready to put the Push and Pull document into practice! For the next two months we will be working with frontline staff from drop-in centres across Toronto to develop work place practices where the values driving the practice are made really explicit.

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