Five Bento Boxes

No one solution is enough to enable a fulfilling and enriching life. That’s why we’ve packaged early ideas that might appeal to different groups of people. We’re using the metaphor of a Japanese Bento Box: the multiple compartment lunch boxes! Eating only one of the compartments won’t fill you up. Eating the whole Bento Box, however, can lead to a sense of fullness.
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[click on an image to download the box]

A bento box is a compact, balanced, visually appealing meal packed in a box. It’s origins are Japanese where “bento” refers to the packed meal. The box is divided into several compartments, one each for the edamame, rice, tempura and sushi, for example.

Addressing ‘basic’ and ‘higher’ needs at once is one of our starting points. Whilst there is much to be done to mend our frayed social safety nets, we don’t just want to sew on a patch. We want to try a different stitch, and interweave different threads.

And so we have… From here to there in five bento boxes. Our next step is to test appetite among people using and working in the drop-in centre.