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Rough Guide to Emerging Practice 

For six weeks, we coached 5 teams of practitioners to adopt an experimental approach, and try out new practices in their own contexts. We worked with SKETCH, St. Stephens, Evangel Hall, The Meeting Place, and West Neighbourhood House. Read what new practices can look like – and the surrounding culture required to test and try new things.


Push & Pull: Why practice and what it could look like?

Five months into our residency at the drop-in, we realized that it was hard for new ideas to take hold when there wasn’t yet a conversation about the values that were most important. So, we took a step back and tried bringing different values to the surface. Which values are complementary and which are contradictory? What might staff practice look like from different value sets?  Working with a staff member of the drop-in, we tested multiple practices. See what those practices looked like – and the questions they left us asking. Join the dialogue.

Pus_and_Pull_ful document

Bento Boxes: 27 ideas to prompt change

After two-months of getting to know about 50 people at the drop-in, we started generating ideas. Soon, we realized there was no magic bullet or single solution so we came up with 5 sets of ideas for different segments of people who use the drop-in. Next, we brought to life these 27 ideas to see if there was appetite for taking forward.

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