We use a design + social science approach to making, testing, and tweaking new practices, programs, and policies. See what this has looked like over the past many months as Brit, our resident filmmaker, captured the messy process.

Video 1: The core of our approach is spending time with people to hear their stories and see their realities. Meet Patrick and Vanessa, two members of The Meeting Place drop-in.

Video 2: How do we go from talking to people to generating ideas? Go behind-the-scenes to see how we extract insights and brainstorm new services & supports – using research & theory.

Video 3: How do you move from an idea on paper to one in the real world? Here’s what it’s looked like to bring to life UforU: novel learning moments in a drop-in center context.

Video 4: Prototyping involves testing whether an idea is attractive to users. Here’s what it looked like when we tested the attractiveness of an idea called Grounded. 

Video 5: Here’s what it looked like when we tested the attractiveness of Grounded for a second user group: policymakers in Ottawa

Video 6: We’ve also been working with a staff member of the Meeting Place to bring the prototyping spirit into every day practice. See that spirit in action!

Video 7: Still not sure what InWithForward does? Don’t worry! Other stakeholders struggle too… Hear how others’ explain what we do: