Stop-Motion Animation

with Brit Kewin
Friday, January 22, 2016

Our own resident filmmaker Brit started this session by discussing the basic elements to a story – the beginning, the middle, and the end – and playing clips from popular movies to help emphasize her points. Then she turned us loose, encouraging members to utilize different props in order to make their own short stop-motion animations! Some members really got into the process, like Jeff and Mike, who painstakingly plotted and drew their film from scratch. The results were awesome, though, and members loved creating something to show others.

Listen to the Podcast

The official UforU podcast, The Pick-Up, showcases our event with Ian, and all the creative works that sprung from it – from his own slam poetry performance, to the prompt poetry of attendees, to the published poetry of members. We also listen to some of Ian’s thoughts on performing, writing, and being creative.

(coming soon)

Watch the Animations

Below are the animations made by members during the event. Check them out!

Look at Pictures