Week in numbers: May 2

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Adventures of Art: UforU at the AGO

On Friday, UforU went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to bring members together around art. As well, to explore extending the walls of the drop-in to the rest of the city. How can places like art galleries, museums, and libraries be used by street involved adults? How might these institutions collaborate with drop-ins to make their spaces more accessible and welcoming? Read about our reflections and memorable learnings.

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Heard us on the radio?

What a pleasure to start Wednesday morning with Matt Galloway on CBC Metro Morning! Perhaps you’ve come to the site looking to understand what we do… If so, may we suggest the following links?

Read more about how the In/Out project started with 16 stories of street-involved adults. We’ve been trying to answer the question: how do we enable more adults living on the margins to move towards thriving – not just surviving?

Read more about Grounded, one of the solutions emerging from the In/Out project. Grounded is a feedback loop from people on the ground to people in power. We want to complement big data with small data!

Read more about InWithForward, the organization behind the In/Out project. We work all over the world to re-design social services from the perspective of the people who use them. Check out our work in Vancouver with adults with a cognitive disability here. There, we moved from stories of people to a new service model, Kudoz.

Finally, find out how we coach teams to collect and use small data. In Peterborough, we worked with the ReMaking a Living Team to understand experiences of long-term unemployment.

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