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A day in our team’s life

Written by Natalie Maxwell, a Vocational Coach/Life Skills Facilitator at West Neighbourhood House working with at risk youth having a hard time getting a job or staying employed. She shadowed the Toronto In/Out team for a day! Here she talks about her experience….

Shadowing InWithForward was an informative and eye opening experience. At the beginning of the day I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect because I wasn’t entirely clear on what InWithForward has been doing. Other than a few emails advertising for mini workshops I wasn’t sure what work they had done. So I started my day by getting up to date on what they were doing. I read their website at which explained what they have been doing and all the work they have done. It also set a good base for the day because I was all caught up on their “lingo”.

At first I felt like things were disorganized. It didn’t seem like there was a set plan for the day or that they knew what they were doing…and I quickly realized that 1) I was wrong and 2) they knew exactly what they were doing.

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