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Download Rough Guide to Practice


Get your Rough Guide to destination: Experimentation. For six-weeks, we worked with four drop-in centers and coached five teams of practitioners to close a gap between their values and their practices. We modeled doing research, generating ideas, and trying out small interactions – be it a new agenda for a staff meeting, new tools for a conversation, new spaces for street-involved adults, etc.

Small interactions can add up to big changes to an organization’s culture.

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Download Push & Pull; Apply to get $!

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How do we enable street-involved adults to see alternative futures? To be in a culture that reinforces a future narrative? And to have their aspirations met with real structural opportunities?  Over the past month, we’ve changed tacks. In January, we identified 5 sets of solutions. Then, we realized these solutions ran into the same systemic barriers, namely, the need for ongoing funding. So we pivoted away from making expensive flagship services.

Instead, we are looking at how to enable street-involved folks, frontline workers, managers and policymakers to act with greater intentionality. This has led us to values and everyday practices – on how it is we clarify and bring to life beliefs. We’ve been struck by how little consensus there is about what constitutes a good outcome for street-involved folks. Is it harm reduction? Is it healing? Is it learning? Is it contribution? Is it…

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