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The myth of the average

What do civil servants know, what don’t they know, and how do they know? We’re testing how a new intervention called Grounded might complement empirical data with ethnographic data. Keep reading to download results from our very first beta-test in Ottawa, and to understand why ethnographic data is so valuable precisely because it isn’t representative.

Testing how policy analysts might use ethnographic data in their jobs.

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All day bento box special

bento box special

Hot on the heels of publishing our idea of intervention sets, which we have called bento boxes, we have started the process of co-design. Our intention is to find out from the people who will potentially be using these new services not just whether a service like that appeals to them, but a step by step process of how they would use it, and how the new service could fit into our broader aim of implementing a theory of change. We ran co-design sessions with one staff and six members at the drop-in centre, and already we have learned a lot about both the process of doing co-design as well as the content of potential services we might take forward.

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Hello Toronto!

We are starting local, in one neighborhood, in one drop-in centre, to build-up a model of what it looks like when we transition our welfare systems from safety nets to trampolines. Drop-in centers are a super important base for people living on the streets. They provide warmth, food, shelter, access to services, and a strong sense of belonging. And yet, they don’t always function as trampolines, enabling people to bounce upwards and forwards, out of the drop-in centre.

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