UforUposter-Filippo copy.jpgwith Filippo Conte
Friday, February 12, 2016

Over the course of an hour, Filippo showed members how to energize the mind and soothe the soul using scents and essential oils. Members mixed their own blends using oils, vials, and guidance provided by Filippo. Filippo showed us the real-world applications for oils, from healing cuts to relaxing after a long day, and members asked questions about their own ventures as well, such as creating scented candles and reducing headaches.

Read Filippo’s Booklet

Click here to access Filippo’s booklet, a compilation of beginner aromatherapy and reflexology information designed in partnership with Filippo especially for his UforU event. This guidebook contains tips, tricks, and instructions to mixing your own oils and practicing basic hand reflexology, as well as resources around town for pursuing the crafts.

Visit Filippo’s Website

Click here to visit Filippo’s website for his Toronto-based business, Olistika.

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