My hectic day

Marius Urban is a Pre-Placement Supervisor and Job Coach for West Neighbourhood House and spent one busy day immersed with the In/Out team. Read how his day went, and what he is taking away.


In the first part of the day I mostly observed and took notes. I started my day at 588 Meeting Place and sat in on the team meeting. The main theme of the meeting was around a project IWF refers to as “Grounded.” In a nutshell, this initiative seeks to make real time data of marginalized persons accessing community services available to politicians more quickly. This can be achieved by having someone who is referred to as a “recorder/observer” to accompany clients to court, ODSP, OW offices etc. and record the interactions of clients and service providers. The data collected will be uploaded and made readily available to politicians. The idea is to give a voice to users of community services and have politicians receive real time data quickly and efficiently.

Shortly after the meeting I went with one of the IWF staff to Evangel to recruit people to attend the U for U session scheduled to begin at noon. U for U connects clients with people in the community who desire to donate their time, talents, experiences etc. For example, the session I attended was called Memory Mapping. The presenter Brenda who teaches at the University of Toronto believes that memory mapping helps relieve past trauma. She shared her life story through this method with everyone who attended the session. In short, a few years back she mapped out a picture of the inside of the house she grew up in and wrote down any memories associated with parts of the house.

Here are some pictures from that session.

When U for U was done I had a fifteen minute lunch (I know right… they really put me to work) and went back to help out with sorting paperwork, pictures and other materials to prepare for an information sharing event at Epicure Bar and grill. While at Epicure we set up the room that was rented out with information packages and collages on the walls. IWF presented to community partners, followed by a question and answer period and a social at the end. I got home after nine… Gooood times.

I had fun and learned lots. They said that this day was particularly busy even for them and they want to meet with me next week to debrief and shadow them again in the near future.

Pics from the evening event.